About Shell Fuel in Somerset West

Shell is one of the leading brands of petroleum both locally and internationally. We supply our world class products at the Shell Fuel in Somerset West. The outstanding combination of our helpful staff and well-stocked convenience store will make Shell your one-stop location to refuel both your vehicle and yourself! Shell is passionate about creating sustainable fuel solutions in order to preserve our beautiful planet. Shell’s top priority is to run a profitable business, while also following safe, ethical methods. We hope to create the least possible impact on the planet! Shell Fuel in Somerset West uphold all of our values, and provides excellent customer service and high quality products to all clients who visit.

Our products and services

  • Quality Fuel Range: Every single drop of our fuel has been created with innovation and expertise. Our fuel is designed with Nitro+, which prevents dirt from collecting in your engine. This ensures the prolonged lifespan of your vehicle, as well as a smoother drive and operation.
  • Shell Select Store: We provide 24/7 shopping convenience at Shell Fuel in Somerset West. Our store stocks every essential item you may need, including toilet paper, milk, bread, ready-made food and much much more! Customers can also enter one of our many competitions and make use of our various special offers
  • Engine Oils & Lubricants: Shell’s expertly created lubricants are of a superior quality to other brands, and are technologically driven to guarantee the best possible formulation for your engine. We offer engine oil for motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses.

If you want to join the green revolution, use Shell’s sustainable fuel options at Shell Fuel in Somerset West.

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