Trust LMS for outsourced services

LMS provides quality secretarial services for start-ups, SMME’s and larger corporate entities. LMS serves companies nationwide on an outsourced basis and also offer services to multinational companies with a vested interest in our economy. For over two decades, clients have entrusted their registration or intellectual property to be handled by our team of seasoned individuals.


The LMS Service Portfolio

  • Shelf Companies – to start trading immediately and amend to your brand
  • Annual Returns
  • Share Capital Amendments
  • Year-end and Registered Address Changes
  • Company Registration
  • New Non-profit and External Companies
  • Directors, Auditors and Public Officer Amendments
  • Company Register Maintenance and Updates
  • Business Registration
  • Reinstatement of Companies and CC’s
  • Company and CC Name Changes
  • Special Resolutions
  • MOI
  • De-Registration of Companies and CC’s
  • Company and CC Annual Duties
  • Other Services Conversion off CC’s

We operate on the following values

  1. Connecting with our clients
  2. Understanding the unique secretarial needs of our clients
  3. Aiming to solve these unique needs
  4. Professionalism
  5. Integrity
  6. Quality
  7. Commitment to each and every client we deal with

Additionally, we are part of a professional network of firms that service clients in the financial reporting and accounting fields. This means if you are seeking to outsource all of these functions to a trusted network of professionals, you have found that network. What could be better than outsourcing these functions to trusted firms so you can focus on running your business with your full attention? Allowing us to take care of your CIPC matters, secretarial and compliance needs means you can focus on your business knowing we have those matters under control. You never have to worry about whether your intellectual property is protected or your business is compliant as we will do all this for you. The benefits of outsourcing these activities are cost saving, time saving and a good use of resources. We look forward to your call.

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