About Somerset West Private School

Somerset West Private School opened its doors in 1998. We started out with a total of 8 learners in the school. Since then the demand for quality private school education in Somerset West has grown immensely and in 2007 we opened up a primary school in addition to our high school. These days, our school hosts 200 learners, from primary school to post-matric learners. At our school, we provide quality education, with a specific focus on Mathematics, languages and Physical Science.

Our school environment is relaxed and comfortable and we focus on teaching our children through investigation, rather than repetition learning. This way, they learn so much more and also discover their own passions along the way. Our aim is to reveal the prodigy hidden within every individual.

What we offer

At Somerset West Private School, we offer education of a top standard from primary school to Grade 12, and even post-matric. Post-matric refers to learners that want to redo their matric year in order to improve their marks.

Our classes are small, allowing teachers to pay extra attention to each learner. This extra attention allows each individual to fully develop at their own pace.

Primary School

Here, we focus on teaching our learners 3 vital skills, which are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths

High School 

We offer a range of subjects for learners to choose from, according to their own interests. Our aim is to encourage learners to take responsibility of their own growth and learning development.

The values that we stand for are honesty, fairness, kindness, tolerance and respect. This is represented in all that we do at this school.

We also present various sporting and culture activities, allowing children to wholly develop on all fronts.

For more information about our facilities or how to enrol your child, do not hesitate to contact us.

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