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When visiting Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist, patients can expect to be welcomed. We pay personal attention to each and every one of our clients to make sure that we can provide them with the care and treatment they require. Dr Beeton specialises in a range of hearing services, including the conduction of hearing tests, diagnosis, fitting of hearing aids, and more. For each problem we aim to find a suitable solution. Those seeking to invest in hearing protection to keep their ears from being damaged will also find a range of options at our practice.

Dr Beeton is a qualified and vastly experienced audiologist. She has been caring for those with hearing impairments for years, and has plenty of accolades behind her name – some of which were obtained at overseas universities.


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    Our services

    If you are seeking a trusted audiologist, you can expect to find the following services when visiting Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist:

    • Hearing tests: we provide hearing tests for patients of all ages, in our very own, on-site sound booth.
    • Hearing protection devices: we supply a range of professional hearing protection devices to protect your ears from serious damage.
    • Supply & fit of hearing aids: we specialise in the supply and fit of all kinds of hearing aids, depending on your requirements.
    • Repairs for hearing aids: we offer hearing aid repairs that we aim to complete as fast as possible for minimum disruption to our clients.

    To make an appointment, you can either visit our website and use our online booking platform, or you can give us a call.

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