Lightstruck Fibre To The Home

Isn’t it time you got Lightstruck Fibre? We bring world class fibre to your home for you to enjoy. Connect effortlessly to the internet with fast and reliable fibre connections. Unlike their copper counterparts, fibre is faster, more stable and not worth being stolen. Fibre to the home or FTTH broadband is a utility, much the same as water and electricity because we rely on it so heavily. We use the internet daily which is a far cry from the inception thereof in 1991. Fast forward 30 years and the internet is ingrained into our lives. The invention of the internet has certainly changed how we live, work, relax and learn.

As many FTTH providers do not always live up to their promises, you can be rest assured that we do. Not only are we backed by a major international player in infrastructure and development, but we have teamed up with carefully selected ISP’s. Further to this, we also offer our users in live areas the option to use our digital utility provider two packages to choose between.

The Lightstruck Yutiliti Connection

We saw the need to provide connectivity solutions to users in our Live coverage areas and this is where Yutiliti was born. 2020 saw the introduction of Yutiliti into the market and offer 2 packages for home internet and connectivity use.


Choose between:

20 Mbps Basic Connection
100 Mbps Advanced Connection

These two utility packages are suited for small and medium households who make use of the internet. If you live in a complex, gated community or an estate and need fibre to your home, register your interest with us. Encourage your neighbours to do the same as the more interest signaled in one area, the quicker we can deploy fibre. Visit our website for more information, email, call or find us on social media.

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