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Because our hands are almost always visible, having a nail fungal infection or loose nails can prove to be very embarrassing. It is important to care for your nails by ensuring they are free of any fungal infections, which is where Fix-4-Nails comes in! Fix-4-Nails is a highly trusted brand that offers users the ability to keep their nails in perfect condition, at all times.

Our revolutionary formula was discovered by a Namibian pharmacist named Willie Fourie in the 1970s. In 2007, the formula was developed into the product that we know today as Fix-4-Nails. This reliable, innovative formula has helped numerous people to alleviate painful, unsightly nail fungal infections and strengthen loose nails.

About the product

Fix-4-Nails is an outstanding product that helps to combat embarrassing nail issues, such as fungal infections and loose nails. The product works by creating unfavourable conditions beneath the nail, preventing the further growth of nail fungus, and by expertly softening the nail bed in order to aid the regrowth of loose nails.

Our product provides unbeaten nail care in an easy-to-use bottle with a special applicator tip. For the best results, we recommend applying it directly underneath the nail twice a day in the morning and evening.

You can find our amazing product at nail salons, spas and most major pharmacies, including Dis-Chem and Alpha Pharm,  throughout South Africa and Namibia. Our one-stop-nail solution can also be found online at ihealth.

To alleviate embarrassing nail fungal infections and loose nails, order Fix-4-Nails today! Bring the beauty back to your hands.


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