Introducing Wine Tasting Tours

At Wine Tasting Tours, wine is our passion and driving force. We offer a fantastic selection of guided wine tours in the Western Cape, allowing clients to discover some of the best wines in the world, while also offering informative talks about the process of wine making. Our tours are available for all wine connoisseurs, from beginners to experienced wine tasters, and are conducted by the renowned winemaker, Jonathan Snashall.

After ending a financial career in order to work with wine, Jonathan became a professional winemaker in 2001. He has produced outstanding wines in South Africa, New Zealand and Europe since beginning his journey into the wine making industry. Aside from his years of experience in the industry, Jonathan has a deep passion for everything about wine, and this is seen in his enthusiasm in handling and informing clients on the various wine farms and succulent vintages seen on the tours.

Our tour options

We offer the options of taking part in an informative pre-arranged tour or planning an exciting customised tour. Below are some of our popular themed tours:

  • Brandy Tour: explore and discover the latest brandy trends and uses.
  • Cap Classique Tour: treat your tastebuds to some of the top local MCC’s
  • Green Tour: discover why Cape Town is known for its sustainable farming culture
  • Wine Tasting Tour: experience some of the best international wines in a beautiful local setting

Tour costs

Wine Tasting Tours offers a selection of full day and half day tours. On our full day tours, clients will visit between 4 to 6 different professional wine farms. If you would like to book a longer trip, this can be arranged. Our tours are priced according to the number of people attending, and are as follows:

Full day:

  • 1-2 people: R3500
  • 3 people: R4000
  • 4-6 people: R5500
  • 7-8 people: R6500

Half day:

  • 1-2 people: R2000
  • 3 people: R3000
  • 4-6 people: R4000
  • 7-8 people R5000

Along with our tours, we also offer a convenient pick up and drop off service. This is included in the cost of your tour, but clients should note that, depending on location, you may will be sending between 1 to 3 hours in our tour vehicle. If your tour goes to Hermanus or Franschhoek, an additional fuel charge of R500 or R300 is added. Unfortunately, no food pairings or meals are included in the tour costs.

We hope to see you sipping on fine wine soon- contact us today for the wine tour of a lifetime!

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